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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations


The CCN is a global network composed of at least one compliance expert from each IFPMA member association and member company. The CCN was established in 2006 with the purpose of bringing together compliance, regulatory and legal expertise on Code issues, advocating about the value of ethical promotion, training others on the provisions of the IFPMA Code, advising and guiding compliance officers and company staff on (the appropriateness of) marketing/promotional activities according to IFPMA Code or other member associations' national Codes when applicable.

The CCN, which gathers over a hundred members worldwide, meets twice a year to discuss latest developments and issues in the field of ethical promotion of medicines.

The Code Compliance Network (CCN) has the following roles

  • To exchange best practices in Code compliance and implementation
  • To facilitate prevention of breaches by encouraging communication and networking among companies and associations officers
  • To create a forum for positive communication around industry self-regulation activities
  • To create a resource pool of experts in Code compliance for needs of the IFPMA complaints procedure
  • To stimulate discussions about new challenges related to industry’s promotion and marketing practices

Training and Education

Since 2007, the IFPMA CCN has organized regional roll-out meetings and training sessions in Asia and Latin America to introduce, teach and promote principles of the IFPMA Code. In these sessions, all requirements of the IFPMA Code and their limitations are discussed and exemplified. The sessions were tailored for associations’ and industry compliance officers in a “train-the-trainer” fashion, setting forth their responsibilities and providing them with tools and means to train their (marketing or medical representative) staff.

In 2010, the IFPMA CCN launched an annual Code workshop for its members to expose compliance professionals to hands-on training which will contribute towards building their skills and competencies in handling real-life cases in complex environments and within a variety of contexts.

CCN Leadership

Chair: Russell Williams, Rx&D Canada

Vice-chair: Heather Simmonds, PMCPA UK

Coordinator: Tamara Music, IFPMA