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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

Complaint Submission Page

The IFPMA Code complaint procedure is open to any healthcare professional, a company or member of the public, acting in good faith within the spirit and intentions of the IFPMA Code.

      Please submit each complaint separately (one page per complaint).

If a complaint is received by IFPMA that is not covered by the IFPMA Code Operating Procedure, IFPMA will refer the complaint to the company concerned. In addition, a copy will be sent to the relevant member association, if the association has a process for complaints.

Complainant's information


Please fill in the information on the company which is alleged to be in breach of the IFPMA Code.


Please provide a brief description of the complaint with, if possible, a specific reference to the part of the IFPMA Code under which the complaint is being made (section and paragraph number(s)).


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