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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations


Electronic learning course for the IFPMA Code of Practice

This course will be useful for:

  • Employees of and contractors to pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Civil society (general public, patient/consumer organizations etc.)
  • Anyone who interacts with pharmaceutical companies and wishes to better understand the international controls on promotional and communication activities.

There may be additional national or company requirements over and above those set out in this course. So be sure to check locally.

Aims of the course:

  • To increase awareness of the international rules that govern pharmaceutical companies’ promotional activities and interactions with healthcare professionals
  • To highlight some of the key aspects of the IFPMA Code and their practical application
  • To give you a chance to test your knowledge and, if appropriate, cite this course in your professional development record

How to navigate this program

The “Home screen” allows you to choose the section that you would like to read.

After choosing a section, please make use of the navigation bar at the bottom of the window.

Click “Next” to go to the next page.

Some sub-sections have more than one screen - click on “arrow” within the subsection to read the additional screens.

Click on the “Home” button to return to the home screen and then to move from there on to the different sections.

Click on the “Top of section” button to come back to the first page of each section and to select specific sub sections.

This e-learning course has been produced by IFPMA , Chemin Louis-Dunant 15, PO box 195, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland. Copyright IFPMA

Download a copy of the 2012 IFPMA Code: English French Spanish Japanese

It will open and start in a new window.

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It will open and start in a new window.