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The IFPMA Code of Practice Operating Procedure came into is an integral part of the Code and the Operating Procedure is open to all to file a complaint against a breach of the IFPMA Code.

 The detailed IFPMA Code Operating Procedure provisions are embodied in the IFPMA Code of Practice (2012), Appendix 1: IFPMA Code Operating Procedure: “The IFPMA is open to receive genuine complaints from any source on any aspect of the IFPMA Code” – IFPMA Code of Practice, Preamble viii –


A four step procedure

The IFPMA Code Complaint Procedure is designed as a four step procedure.

Step 1 - Validation: To be valid, a complaint ought to be genuine, submitted in good faith; contain sufficient information to be processed; within the scope of application of the IFPMA Code; not being investigated elsewhere.

Step 2 - Adjudication: If the alleged breach is disputed, the complaint is referred to a panel of adjudicators, an independent ad hoc group of experts selected from national member associations.

Step 3 - Appeal: If the adjudicators’ decision is appealed by either the complainant or the company, a second ruling may be requested.

Step 4 - Publication of the Outcome: When a complaint is upheld and a breach of the IFPMA Code is determined, or not disputed by the company, details of the complaint are made public via the IFPMA website. Where no breach is ruled a summary of the case will be published on the IFPMA website. The information disclosed will include the relevant country and a brief summary of the key facts. The respondent company, the complainant, and product(s) are not named.

 The objective of the IFPMA Code is to set standards for the ethical promotion of pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, such as medical institutions and patient organizations..

 In terms of scope, the IFPMA Code applies where there are no local codes or appropriate laws and regulations, or where a member company is not a member of local/regional association.

Complaints can be reported to the IFPMA Secretariat at or under the File a Complaint page. For more information on how to file a complaint, please click here.