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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

IFPMA-PhAMA Event on Ethical Promotion of Healthcare Products

10 September 2013,

IFPMA and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Malaysia (PhAMA) jointly hosted this program to highlight the importance of ethical promotion of healthcare products in ensuring patient safety. The event was organized to raise awareness of industry self-regulatory codes, including the revised IFPMA Code of Practice, as well as the need for multi-stakeholder approaches in delivering best available healthcare to patients.

The meeting served as a valuable platform for engaging industry representatives and stakeholders from Malaysia and the Asia region in general. The meeting was attended by over 75 participants including regulators, academics, representatives from healthcare professional associations and industry.

Key speakers included Dr. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Eisah A. Rahman, Senior Director Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH), Dr. Koh Kar Chai, Deputy Secretary, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) as well as industry representatives such as Mr. Yew Wei Tarng, President, PhAMA as well as a number of IFPMA Code Compliance Network (CCN) members such as Russell Williams, Rx&D Canada and CCN Chair, Heather Simmonds, PMCPA/ABPI UK and CCN Vice-Chair and Tamara Music, IFPMA. Speakers shared perspectives on key components to ensuring ethical interactions and promotion of medicines and participated in a candid panel discussion. A presentation was also given on the IFPMA Code of Practice and its impact at the global level.

The event participants concluded that multistakeholder approaches are essential for ensuring the appropriate promotion of healthcare products and ethical business practices for the benefit of patients worldwide. To achieve this, ongoing awareness of values and training on codes for all parties involved are needed.