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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations


The Threat of False Friends - Fake Medicines

11 December 2012, Geneva

The falsification of medicines is first and foremost a crime against patient  and public health . This growing issue requires a concerted multi-stakeholder effort, including the World Health Organization, governments, healthcare providers, patients, and the private sector. Addressing this problem successfully requires collaborative action and the creation of a global policy environment that recognizes, prioritizes, and effectively addresses the major aspects of the falsification of medicines.

The IFPMA invites you to the next session of the Geneva Pharma Forum for a panel discussion on how counterfeit medicines are being addressed. This session will also feature the launch of a study by the School of Pharmacy at the University College of London in conjunction with Matrix Insights as well as a new International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) - IFPMA advocacy tool. They both offer suggestions for coordinated actions against counterfeit medicines to foster the general public and governments’ action.

Participants will include representative of national missions from UN member state missions in Geneva, key decision-makers from health-related intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations plus senior pharmaceutical industry executives.