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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

The IFPMA 2014 Interview Series

The IFPMA Interview Series is a video library of interviews with people from different walks of life talking about topics that are in a way or another related to the industry. The series are about understanding the issues concerning the various IFPMA portfolio-holders and stakeholders; how they perceive those issues as and how they relay the information about these. The IFPMA draws on a wide array of communication strategies and resources to produce a video interview that is easily accessible, well-illustrated with a wealth of information relevant to our different audiences. It is all about asking the intelligent questions our audience would be asking to dig deeper with IFPMA staff and stakeholders and understand better what’s at stake for the different portfolio holders operating in the industry environment and at IFPMA.

It is a unique interview show prepared in advance that starts with thorough research and ends with a rich exchange that can be an eye opener to the industry world. It’s not meant to be a tool for corporate posturing. It’s about intelligent interview based on challenging questions. We take the time to dig deeper with our guests. To offer them space where wordsmithing is not our first worry. The format we chose is short, does not exceed 4 minutes, up to the point and above all people centred.

We hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or queries regarding this tool, please send it to Ms Sadia Kaenzig : S.Kaenzig(at)




IFPMA 2014 INTERVIEW SERIES with Estelle Michael, Regulatory Expert

What the 8th Asia Regulatory Conference is all about

If you are working with the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare field in Asia, here is a conference you should not miss! Estelle Michael, Chair of the 8th Asia Regulatory Conference, invites those interested in access to medicines and regulatory issues in and for Asia to join the IFPMA, DIA, IRPMA, TFDA, and JPMA, in Chinese Taipei, 4-5 February 2015. In this short video, Estelle Michael, explains in more details what the 2015 Conference is all about. Estelle Michael is Senior Director, Policy and Intelligence, Europe and International Regulatory Policy, Intelligence, AstraZeneca & Member of the IFPMA Regulatory Policy & Technical Standards Committee (RPTS)

IFPMA 2014 Interview Series with Dr Osamu Inagaki, Chairperson of the Drug Evaluation Committee in JPMA

JPMA Welcome Message to the 8th Asia Regulatory Conference (ARC)

This short interview video is a prerecorded welcome message to the 8th Asia Regulatory Conference (ARC) posted online. Dr Inagaki talks about what the 2015 ARC conference in Taipei is all about. He also mentions the role played by the Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Associations (APAC), a platform led by JPMA, in regulatory convergence. Dr Inagaki also explains why key players in the regulatory field in the region should not miss out on this event.

Dr Inagaki is the Staff Senior Executive Director, Global Planning and Administration, Astellas Pharma, and the chairperson of the Drug Evaluation Committee in the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

For more on ARC, click here:

In this interview, Dr Joan Awunyo-Akaba, Gavi Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Board Member gives her take on what “Immunization – the Missed Opportunity” is all about. She puts a special emphasis on how to reach that fifth child that is still not receiving the direly need immunization shots. By addressing immunization challenges, the international community can reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases that affects the future of those children, sustain healthy communities, and reduce health disparities both within and across countries.

Interview with IFPMA President, Dr Lechleiter on ‘What’s an innovation ecosystem from an industry perspective’