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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

The IFPMA 2015 Interview Series

The IFPMA Interview Series is a video library of interviews with people from different walks of life talking about topics that are in a way or another related to the industry.



Why taking the flu shot should also be your business: interview with Dr Abraham M. Palache MSc, PhD

Dr Abraham M. Palache, Influenza Scientist, Consultant at Abbott Biologicals and IFPMA Influenza Vaccine Supply International Task Force, talks about the importance of taking the flu shot. It is all about breaking misconceptions spread by antivaxxers. People most at risk should be given priority in receiving the flu shot. Find out who those most at risk are in this interview.
Among infectious diseases, flu is considered a leading killer. On average, worldwide, seasonal epidemics are said to result in some 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about half a million deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
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Interview with Mr Murray Aitken

Mr Murray Aitken, Executive Director of IMS, and Director of the study “Understanding the Role and Use of Essential Medicines Lists” that his institute has conducted speaks to us about the study’s main findings and what are the main considerations for the WHO’s EML Expert Committee to look into. 

Fake medicines: what are they? / Les faux médicaments: de quoi s’agit-ils?

Ms Cyntia Genolet, IFPMA’s Policy Analyst, Regulatory & Health Policy and leads the organisation’s anti-counterfeiting portfolio, together with Marc Gentilini, General Delegate of ‘Fondation Chirac’ give their take on what fake medicines are and how to curb their threat.

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