The Chair on “Health and Globalization: Laws, Policies, and Market” aims to become a focal point for global health topics, enable a local African perspective, and contribute to the development of further understanding and dialogue on rules, policies, and market dynamics.

Its mission is to develop, organize, and conduct innovative and in-depth research activities and projects in the field of global health.

The Chair is a thematic and interdisciplinary research and training program launched on February 16, 2021, consisting of contributions from professors, PhD students and administrative students. Its objective is to develop the University of Yaoundé II into a high-tech cluster for social sciences in Africa.

Chair functions

A reference center

for basic and applied research in the social sciences on global health issues

An expert body

with public authorities, specialized agencies, development partners, and private initiatives

A structure

to produce innovative knowledge and the development of emerging knowledge in global health

A framework

for the promotion of fundamental and applied research in global health

H3D Foundation

The H3D Foundation supports drug innovation and science in Africa through initiatives to strengthen capacity, partnerships, and fundraising for African researchers and research centers. IFPMA and member companies partner with H3D Foundation to promote health innovation in Africa.

Today, the mission of the University is not to produce scholarly knowledge, but useful knowledge

Professeur Adolphe MINKOA SHE

Recteur de l’Université de Yaoundé 2, President du Comité Scientifique

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