Expert insight 29 Mar 2022

Marie-Chantal Umunyana speaks to the strength of safe spaces in healthcare for women

Marie-Chantal Umunyana joins IFPMA and HYPER‘s virtual discussion on: “The Importance of Diversity & Equal Opportunities in a Healthy R&D Environment” 

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Expert insight 23 Mar 2022

The biopharmaceutical industry continues to innovate to find new and improved COVID-19 solutions

It’s been over two years since the biopharmaceutical industry committed to playing the greatest possible role in the global response to COVID-19.

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Statement 21 Mar 2022

Joint Industry Statement on the War in Ukraine

21 March 2022 – The global research-based pharmaceutical industry stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemns the invasion of their country and the suffering it continues to cause. Overcoming the challenges that this unprecedented humanitarian crisis poses for patients is our main concern. We are united in our mission of providing treatments...

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Statement 16 Mar 2022

IFPMA statement on TRIPS discussion document

Following reports on the status of informal discussions led by the WTO Secretariat with the European Union (EU), India, South Africa, and the USA, on 16 March 2022, biopharmaceutical companies reaffirm their position that weakening patents now when it is widely acknowledged that there are no longer supply constraints of COVID-19 vaccines, sends the wrong...

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Video 15 Mar 2022

L’innovation dirigée par les femmes en Afrique : Atteindre une santé durable et l’égalité des genres

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Statement 10 Mar 2022

Statement delivered at Panel Discussion on Universal Access to Vaccines – 20th meeting, 49th Regular Session of Human Rights Council

On 10 March 2022, IFPMA Director-General, Thomas Cueni, was invited to address a Panel discussion on ensuring equitable, affordable, timely and universal access for all countries to vaccines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel discussion took place at the 49th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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Statement 8 Mar 2022

Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit & CEPI Replenishment

8 March 2022 – We welcome the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit on 7-8 March 2022 as a key milestone in rallying efforts to foster development of new vaccines within 100 days of a future pandemic being identified and ensuring their fair and equitable distribution around the world. We hope the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations...

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Expert insight 7 Mar 2022

What it takes to enable tech transfer partnerships

Technology transfer partnerships have been the cornerstone in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling rapid scaling of health innovations but also raising new challenges.

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Statement 2 Mar 2022

Pharmaceutical industry response to the crisis in Ukraine

2 March 2022 – As the situation in Ukraine continues to cause unimaginable suffering, our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine. Overcoming the challenges that this unprecedented humanitarian crisis poses for patients is our main concern.  We are supporting the efforts of our sister regional organization – EFPIA – to ensure vital medicines reach...

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Expert insight 2 Mar 2022

The Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Three Priorities to Urgently Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Access

As the focus of the global COVID-19 pandemic response shifts downstream from the development and production of vaccines to vaccination campaigns themselves, IFPMA Director-General Thomas Cueni lays out the biopharmaceutical industry’s three new overarching priorities.

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Report 28 Feb 2022

Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Global Policy Principles on Digital Health

Today’s global health challenges and priorities require innovative approaches, including digital health and data-driven solutions. These solutions have proven their real world value by helping to combat COVID-19. At the same time, the pandemic has reinforced how critical it is to accelerate the digitalization of health systems around the world, and to have appropriate policies and resources that enable digital health benefits to reach all who need them.

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Position paper 25 Feb 2022

In-country testing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

This paper discusses specifics of ATMPs, where traditional in-country testing is challenging, outlining existing control strategies to detect potential issues, with recommendations to waive in-country testing without compromising product safety, quality and efficacy and in compliance with requirements, i.e., by recognition of certificates from countries with mature National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

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