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1 April 2020 - By
This was originally published in Pharma Boardroom on Wednesday, 1 April, 2020. The CEOs and top executives, David Ricks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eli Lilly & Co and IFPMA President, Severin Schwan, Chief Executive Officer, Roche, Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson, David Loew, Executive Vice-President, Sanofi ...
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Scientist Working on Computer In  Modern Laboratory
NOTE TO INSPECTOR: all graps, dna models, charts are made by me
26 March 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
Thomas Cueni, IFPMA Director General, spoke to BBC Newshour on 19 March about the commitments made by the global pharmaceutical industry in addressing the COVID-19 global health crisis. Industry has the tools and solutions to fight and defeat the novel strain of coronavirus. In this unique situation, industry commits to tackle this issue ...
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25 March 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
In recent weeks, we have seen an unprecedented rapid response from governments, international organisations, health care professionals, the biopharmaceutical industry and many others to respond to one of the biggest global health crisis the world has experienced in recent decades: the novel coronavirus, or so-called COVID-19. Both professionally but also ...
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19 March 2020 - By Laetitia Bigger
This was originally published in Health Awareness UK on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Is it possible to protect all populations from certain diseases, while keeping health system expenses within a reasonable range? Let’s look at implementing a life-course approach to immunisation… The global population continues to age. In 2020, children under ...
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16 March 2020 - By David King
IFPMA and the International Alliance for Patients' Organizations (IAPO) launched an advisory Note for Guidance for IFPMA member companies and associations worldwide on best practices when dealing with patients, caregivers, and patient organizations. To mark this occasion, we sat down with David King, Co-Chair, IFPMA Ethics & Business Integrity Committee ...
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© Margaret Afriyie
5 March 2020 - By Margaret Afriyie
This year’s theme for the International Women’s Day is “Each for Equal”. In an effort to showcase the crucial role women play in healthcare, we had the pleasure to speak with Margaret Afriyie, a midwife from Ghana, among others, about her efforts to empower women in rural communities to seek ...
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4 March 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
This article was originally published in French in AGEFI on March 3, 2020. Before it first emerged in December, the COVID-19 virus was unknown. Just a month later, the sharing of this new virus’s genome within the scientific community swiftly enabled researchers to set in train the initial stages of ...
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28 February 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
COVID-19: An Unprecedented Mobilization of the Scientific Community On Thursday, 26 February 2020, Thomas Cueni spoke to Suisse media (RTS La Matinale). He explains how the innovative biopharmaceutical member companies of IFPMA are already helping and are taking practical steps to engage. Those companies with potentially relevant knowhow have teams ...
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19 February 2020 - By Judy Stenmark
At WHO’s February Executive Board, The Global Self-Care Federation was among the UHC2030 Private Sector players to submit a statement. The statement calls for governments and other stakeholders to create an enabling environment for effective and structured private sector engagement, to accelerate progress on universal health coverage (UHC). Judy Stenmark, Director ...
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(Photo: NIH/David Veesler, University of Washington)
11 February 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
This article was originally published on Health Policy Watch on February 10, 2020. “We all have a vested interest to stop this epidemic,” says Thomas Cueni, Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA). As WHO on Tuesday convenes a Global Research & Innovation Forum to rapidly ramp up ...
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5 February 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
This article was originally published in STAT News on February 5, 2020. As the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV increases each day, scientists around the world are racing to find a treatment. Since the virus was first reported from Wuhan, China, at the end of December, ...
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© Prof. Fidelis Cho-Ngwa, University of Buea
29 January 2020 - By Thomas B. Cueni
This article was originally published in Life Science Leader on January 29, 2020. A staggering 1.5 billion people, each year, are treated for a neglected tropical disease (NTDs). These diseases can be painful, blinding and disfiguring, keeping children out of school and adults out of work, are often attached to stigma in ...
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21 January 2020 - By Dr Lembit Rägo
This year IFPMA is hosting its 10th Asia Regulatory Conference (ARC2020) in Kuala Lumpur. The Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) is represented in the conference Advisory Board by Dr Lembit Rägo, its Secretary General. IFPMA sat down with Dr Rägo to discuss CIOMS’s activities, future of the ...
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7 January 2020 - By David Jefferys
This article was originally published in Pharma Focus Asia in December 2019. Regulatory reliance is increasingly being used by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) with different regulatory systems and is actively promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a mechanism to better manage resource capacity issues and strengthen regulatory systems. ...
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6 December 2019 - By Andréa Vassalotti
On the occasion of Fight the Fakes Week 2019, we talked to Andrea Vassalotti, Director of Partnerships and Programmes at the World Heart Federation (WHF), about the importance of recognizing the issue of substandard and falsified medicines as a public health threat, and the efforts that must be made to  ...
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