Global Health Matters

25 April 2013 - By Mario Ottiglio
Results from the UN Decade to Roll Back Malaria tell us global malaria deaths have been reduced by 38% and that 10 countries on the African continent—and most endemic countries in other regions—halved malaria cases and deaths. This means the lives of 1.1 million children under five years have been ...
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8 April 2013 - By Andrew Jenner
Incremental innovation is the term used for subsequent improvements made to a “first-in-class” medicine, but it is often incorrectly associated with prolonging the patent term for an existing medicine which is not the case. Indeed, once the patent exclusivity period of the existing “first-in-class” patent has expired, any firm, regardless ...
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27 March 2013 - By Eduardo Pisani
Welcome to IFPMA’s Global Health Matters blog. We are launching this forum to foster exchange and dialog on health topics that matter to all of us. As you know, the issues and challenges that organizations and individuals in the global health community face daily are plentiful, complex, and ever-changing. We ...
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25 March 2013 - By Eduardo Pisani
In this first Global Health Matters entry, I want to address an important and much-discussed topic on the global health agenda: WHO engagement with non-state actors. In the WHO context, “engagement” can have a variety of meanings and can spur different reactions. It may range from simple dialogue to cooperation, ...
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