Statement 5 June 2023

G20 side event on Global Vaccine Research Collaborative


On 3 June, IFPMA delivered a statement at the PATH and CEPI side event on the “Global Vaccine Research Collaborative” at the G20 3rd Health Working Group Meeting in Hyderabad.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is committed to deliver on the 100 Days Mission, including investing in R&D on target pathogens with epidemic and pandemic potential and to build a portfolio of promising candidate vaccines.

Key lessons from ACT-A are that we need to preserve what worked well during COVID-19, like the innovation ecosystem, with a reliable IP framework, unimpeded and timely access to emerging pathogens and their genetic information to all researchers, and effective voluntary partnerships, with business-to-business agreements set up in advance.

Mobilizing various stakeholders hinges on the principles of subsidiarity and complementarity, where each partner can utilize its best strengths. Pre-agreed IP frameworks run the risk of constraining innovation in infectious diseases and limiting the ability for collaborations to be flexible to adapt to the next health pandemic.

There should be more focus in limiting pathogen emergence and transmission to avert future epidemics. Vaccines are important, but society runs the risk of vaccination fatigue. Finally, improving equitable access requires the implementation of critical enablers by governments, including open and expedited trade enabling export/import of raw materials and finished products, regulatory strategies ensuring accelerated availability of pandemic vaccines, and skilled workforce.

Our collective ability to foster and maintain a sustainable innovation ecosystem will determine success and those respective needs should be well represented in the operational framework and proposed multilateral platforms.


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