Press release 25 May 2018

IFPMA Welcomes Set-Up of New African Medicines Agency


Geneva, 25 May 2018 – To mark Africa Day, soon after African health ministers of 55-country African Union, all gathered at the 71st World Health Assembly, unanimously adopted a treaty to establish the African Medicines Agency, IFPMA seizes this momentum to welcome this important milestone. The new African Medicines Agency (AMA) will support the varying regulatory capacities of its member states and will help set-up a comprehensive, regional system of regulatory supervision that serves to harmonize regulations across national boundaries, make efficient use of its limited resources, and deepen its capacity building. It is a vital step that will help improve timely access to effective, quality therapies, and vaccines for all patients, in every corner of Africa.

“Africa is battling increased burden of infectious, neglected tropical, and non-communicable diseases and struggles against widespread availability of falsified medicines. By adopting such treaty, African health leaders show their determination to address the regulatory challenges they face and we as industry are ready to continue in our support to them.” Says Thomas Cueni, IFPMA Director General.

“IFPMA and namely our Africa Regulatory Working Group welcome the development of the AMA and look forward to the role it will play in fostering regulatory system strengthening and reliance across Africa towards faster and expanded access to effective, safe, and quality medicines for patients. We strongly support the holistic vision of ongoing harmonization activities and inclusion of regulatory activities spanning the life-cycle of medicines, vaccines, and biotherapeutics that will be reflected in the newly established agency.” Thomas Cueni added.

AMA is built upon and accelerates the current momentum of strengthening regulatory system in the continent. The African Union and the Africa Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (AMRH) initiative are striving to build a solid framework for the AMA on a regional economic community level.

People and patients in Africa are waiting for a clear signal that solutions for their healthcare are possible. AMA is one.


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