Statement 16 May 2024

Statement at UN multistakeholder hearing on antimicrobial resistance


On 15 May 2024, IFPMA delivered a statement at the UN multistakeholder hearing on antimicrobial resistance, held in New York. The hearing represented an opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute to the ongoing preparatory process for the high-level meeting on AMR, held in September 2024.

As the innovative pharmaceutical industry, our members research, develop and manufacture antibiotics for patients all over the world. We want to work with governments and stakeholders to do more and that is why we are calling for three priorities in the Declaration:

  • Long-term political commitment with each country setting targets for improvement, and a clear follow-up mechanism, supported by an Independent Evidence Panel to provide robust guidance.
  • Progress towards Universal Health Coverage to make sure that patients can receive antibiotics when they need them, and are protected with relevant vaccinations, whereever they live.
  • Urgent government action to stimulate R&D to make sure we have a pipeline of new antibiotics to keep us ahead of emerging resistance and protect the world. The cost of inaction here would be devastating, and we at IFPMA recently published a discussion paper looking at what the antibiotic pipeline could look like in the next 10 years if effective incentives were implemented – and how it will continue to decline if they are not.


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