Statement 17 March 2023

WHO Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) intersessional briefing on “One Health and the Quadripartite”


On 17 March, IFPMA delivered a shortened version of the below statement at the WHO INB intersessional briefing on “Article 18: One Health and the Quadripartite” of the WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (“WHO CA+”).

We firmly support the One Health approach in preventing and managing infectious disease across human, animal, and environmental health, and the collaborative approach of the Quadripartite agencies. Although there are important differences, we also believe there are certain parallels between areas of the AMR response and pandemic preparedness, chief of which is the importance of a One Health approach in surveillance. Robust surveillance and testing infrastructure and capability is crucial to identifying emerging potential infectious disease threats including resistance, as well as diagnosing patients and monitoring trends and developments over time.

The language in the zero draft calls on countries to establish a national One Health action plan on antimicrobial resistance, covering areas of stewardship, optimizing use, increased investment into R&D, and supporting equitable access, among others. However, experience to date shows that only a handful of AMR National Action Plans globally have had sustainable implementation funding attached – especially for R&D incentives – which hampers collective efforts to tackling the challenge of AMR and infectious diseases more broadly. The Quadripartite could work across sectors to further build the case for sustained country investment.

The industry brings with it considerable experience and contributions to AMR-relevant surveillance, including through maintaining surveillance databases, and should remain a key partner in efforts to progress solutions. Through the AMR Industry Alliance, the industry has also pioneered a science-based approach to limiting antibiotic discharge in the environment through the Antibiotic Manufacturing Standard.


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