Global Health Progress – Collaborating for a sustainable future

Global Health Progress is knowledge hub highlighting over 200 collaborations between the innovative biopharmaceutical industry and more than 850 partners to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Explore programs by SDG target, disease area, program strategy, and more, and register your interest to partner on new collaborations in low- and middle-income countries.


Global Health Progress Objectives are to:

Global Health Progress highlights over 200 collaborations which use innovative approaches to tackle global health challenges.

The collaborations are helping to bring different actors together – governments, academia, multilateral organizations, other private sector companies, local NGOs and more – to catalyze cross-sector initiatives to tackle health related challenges, as well as address gender equality and education issues.

A range of program strategies are being used – including capacity building, community awareness and health service delivery – to address systemic health issues and lay foundations to sustain program gains.

Over 200 diverse collaborations

which use innovative approaches to tackle global health challenges

Targeting over

86 different diseases

In collaboration with over

850 cross-sector partners

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