The HealthyScore App developed by WHPA, with the support of IFPMA, reminds individuals that health is in their hands, and helps them rate their behaviours through a traffic light-type system. Customizable reminders support them down the road to healthier living.

Partnership objectives

  • Educate individuals on how to improve their health through positive behaviour and lifestyle changes;
  • Empower individuals to work with their health professionals to establish personal health goals and to track their progress over time.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are one of the leading causes of premature deaths worldwide, accounting for approximately 60% of global deaths. The global epidemic of NCDs is of major concern because it represents a significant threat to human health and development. NCDs can either be prevented or, if identified early, treated and managed in a way that significantly reduces disability, financial and societal costs. The HealthyScore partnership aims to improve global health through promoting positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle and to reduce the burden from non-communicable diseases that is responsible for 38 million deaths a year.


The scorecard developed by World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA), with the support of IFPMA, helps individuals rate their behaviours in a “traffic light-type” fashion. Behaviours in red are labelled as highly risky. Behaviours in yellow indicate caution, and those in green correspond to healthy, sustainable behaviours. The goal is to help patients gradually move their behaviours to the green area.

The scorecard keeps track of biometrics and behaviours that affect a patient’s likelihood to develop a chronic illness over the long-term. Four biometric indicators and four lifestyle indicators provide a comprehensive panorama on the patient’s health status. A constant use of this resource allows individuals and health professionals to develop targeted interventions to improve their health and well-being.

Simple tools outlining both lifestyle and biometric indicators allow patients to gain a better understanding of what factors control their health in the long-term. Health professionals can use the HealthyScore App to facilitate dialogue with their patients and engage in positive behavioural change.

6 million deaths every year

are attributed to tobacco

3.2 million deaths annually

are attributed to insufficient physical activity

1.7 million annual deaths

from cardiovascular causes are attributed to excess salt/sodium intake

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