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@Tammy_Hoffmann Hi Tammy - that would be great. You can get me at david@vesalian.com and I'd be really happy to sen… https://t.co/JA4vVeyK5L
@carriemacewen 2/2 I've now for part funding for a 6 month pilot in primary care and looking for support from peopl… https://t.co/yw1q4VMEFO
@carriemacewen Just read your Rethinking Medicine blog, which is great! Choosing wisely BRAN principle is the basis… https://t.co/prjHTLTwwr
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I need help with shared decision making research. Great listening to @Rethinking_Med webinar yesterday. I've been o… https://t.co/75HmNVBDOZ
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@MarshallProf Great webinar yesterday, really pleased to see so many people interested in SDM. It would be great to… https://t.co/7iiK0ikxgL