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CDDEP's Ramanan Laxminarayan explains access barriers to #antibiotics in LMICs in the AMR Industry Alliance's 2020… https://t.co/hN8rsDYwCy
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The @WHO's list of urgent health challenges to watch this decade include protecting the medicines that protect us.… https://t.co/bAtpeBR8Gt
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Deadly strain of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella has emerged in China 🔎 https://t.co/38hpGq3WCz
"While we race to develop new drugs, it's critical not to forget that #antibiotics are first and foremost life-savi… https://t.co/vvYslkaDJ4
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The study, although small, reveals a major threat to the way doctors currently think about combination antibiotics,… https://t.co/8DUr7x8p1Z
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