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Klebsiella pneumoniae is listed in the @WHO's top 3 priority pathogens, having evolved into one of the most virulen… https://t.co/It68Ny3pFq
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More than 165 COVID-19 vaccine candidates are currently under development, including 8 in phase 3 trials. 💉… https://t.co/P54fLmJF5g
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“We are seeing today, as we respond to the #COVID19 pandemic, what our health system looks like with no or limited… https://t.co/a7iHKdyYbf
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A pandemic of #DrugResistance is looming behind #COVID19, and the time to prepare is now. @statnews @kouttersonhttps://t.co/Ez4dj0LEnU
"Only around a fifth of India’s deaths are actually certified and recorded. The remainder has no official cause of… https://t.co/wMopeUqXS7