Global Launch – Virtual Events: A New Pharma Initiative takes on the Antibiotic Innovation Challenge

Published on: 25 June 2020

The world is losing its most powerful tool in healthcare: antibiotics. The reason is rapidly rising antibiotic-resistant infections – also called antimicrobial resistance, or AMR. The world needs new antibiotics to stem the toll superbugs are having on patients, but there are few in the pipeline. This is the result of a long-standing paradox: despite the huge societal costs of AMR, there is no viable market for new antibiotics. The uncontrolled rise of AMR could have public health and economic consequences greater than COVID-19. But unlike COVID-19, AMR is a predictable and preventable crisis – we must take action now.

Join us for one of our global virtual launches on 9 July from Berlin or Washington D.C and on 10 July from Tokyo.

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