The Globalisation of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Published on: 07 November 2016


» The Globalisation of the Pharmaceutical Industry
» 1. Editorial. The Innovation and Access to Landscape, Jose Luis Valverde and Eduardo Pisani
» 2. Introduction. Lessons for Developing a Sustainable Life Sciences Eco-system in MICs and LICs, Tim Wilsdon and Artes Haderi
» 3. The Globalization of Medicines as a Challenge for Governments, Jose Luis Valverde
» 4. Compulsory Licensing: Procedural Requirements under the TRIPS Agreement, Manisha A. Desai
» 5. Patent Protection as a Key Driver for Pharmaceutical Innovation, Claus Roland Gawel
» 6. Understanding the Pharmaceutical Value Chain, Murray Aitken
» 7. Breaking New Ground: The WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation, Nora Neufeld
» 8. The International Council for Harmonisation: Positioning for the Future with Its Recent Reform and over 25 Years of Harmonisation Work, Celia Lourenco
» 9. a. Accelerating Patient Access to Medicines: The Case of East African Community Medicines Regulatory Harmonization, John Mwangi
» 9. b. Accelerating Patient Access to Medicines in the Economic Community of West African States, the Southern African Development Community and the Organization for the Coordination of the Fight against Endemic Diseases, Oumkaltoum Lahlou
» 9. c. Accelerating Regulatory Approvals through the World Health Organization – Supported Collaborative Registration Procedures, Mercè Caturla Goñi
» 10. Policy Considerations for Originator and Similar Biotherapeutic Products, Gustavo Grampp, Robert W. Kozak and Thomas Schreitmueller
» 11. Import Testing Turned into an Unnecessary Limitation of Patient Access to Medicines as Risks Are Managed Effectively, Stephan K. Rönninger and Joerg H.O. Garbe
» 12. Pharmacovigilance: “Vigilantia Initiative", Juan Carlos Trujillo and Mª Alejandra De Guzman
» 13. Counterfeit Medicines: Threat to Patient Health and Safety, Rubie Mages and Thomas T. Kubic
» 14. The Global Response to the Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance and the Important Role of Vaccines, Eric Utt and Charles Wells
» 15. Ethics and compliance in global pharmaceutical industry marketing and promotion: The role of the IFPMA and self-regulation