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Do you mind? campaign

Do You Mind? Campaign

Mental and neurological disorders (MNDs) affect 700 million people annually and account for 30 percent of global non-communicable disease (NCD) burden. Our Do You Mind? Campaign aims at focusing attention on these diseases and prompting action amongst key

Do You Mind? highlights the impact of MNDs across society, and focuses on reducing stigma and dispelling common myths. Do You Mind? helps patients, family members, policymakers and others to understand the role we all can play to collectively address MNDs.

Mental and neurological disorders (MNDs) are a set of illnesses affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world in developed and developing countries alike. These disorders comprise a range of central nervous system conditions that negatively impact mood, behaviour, brain functioning, cognition, sensory or motor functions.

The impact of MNDs is often not understood. Greater focus on raising awareness of MNDs and reducing stigma is needed.

Addressing MNDs requires innovative policies and leveraging  efforts of our industry, governments, patient organizations, the WHO and other stakeholders in partnership. Developing robust mental health systems and embedding MND services in primary care can improve access and outcomes. The impact of MNDs on individuals and societies calls for inter-sectoral cooperation of government ministries. Decisions makers from education, employment, science, government and other spheres need to work together to collectively reduce suffering.

This is why our Do You Mind? campaign focuses on demystifying many of these conditions and on leveraging various profiles to help patients, physicians, employers, policymakers, and the general public understand the role each actor can play in collectively addressing MNDs.

MNDs are expected to become a greater burden globally in the years ahead. Depression is expected to be the worldwide leading cause of disease burden by 2030.

USD 44 billion a year

cost of lost productive time due to depression at work

40% of lost worker productivity

is attributable to MNDs

By 2050, 115 million people

are estimated to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a dramatic surge from those affected today

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