Global health challenges

Humanitarian and disaster relief aid

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Aid

Our industry lends its support immediate relief efforts to ensure that affected populations have access to the appropriate medical care.

In times of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies, a quick and appropriate response is vital to ensure lives are saved and access to treatments is preserved.

When natural disasters strike, or when humanitarian emergencies occur, affected populations urgently need medical care and medicines. In such situations, our industry lends its support to immediate relief efforts. Our members contribute to ensuring that healthcare professionals on the ground have access to the appropriate medical equipment and urgent treatments, as well as having the tools to deter infectious diseases in unsterile environments. Through their contributions, they also help safeguard the possibility of patients have access to medicines in the aftermath of a crisis.


To ensure that the assistance provided is appropriate and coordinated, our members are building upon their long-established partnerships with a range of expert medical and disaster relief organizations (United Nations agencies, intergovernmental or non-governmental organisations). Our members provide funds and direct financial contributions to support emergency operations, and in-kind contributions to meet a pressing need (staff, healthcare products, emergency medical equipment, ambulances, etc.).


These contributions are provided in full respect with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for medicine donations, which ensure that donations are aimed at addressing a specific need.

Over 1,1 million USD

to support first emergency responses following the Nepal earthquake in 2015

Over 40 million USD

to support relief operations following the Japan earthquake in 2011