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Influenza Vaccine Supply (IVS) International Task Force

Our IVS Task Force aims to improve public health through increasing our preparedness for global pandemic influenza and building our capacity with respect to seasonal influenza vaccine.

Our IVS Task Force improves collaboration through better connecting influenza vaccine manufacturers with the public health stakeholders. Better connection helps us collectively address advocacy, communication, policymaking, as well as regulatory, scientific and technical issues.


Our IVS Task Force was launched in February 2002, in order to effectively battle issues during interpandemic and pandemic times.

The IVS Task Force is a specialized group that consists of expert influenza vaccine manufacturers around the world. The objective is to provide governments and intergovernmental bodies with unique, relevant expertise to combat both pandemic and seasonal influenza.

Our IVS Task Force also assists public bodies in preparing against pandemic influenza, including vaccination recommendations, information on the level of vaccine usage and vaccine distribution strategies.


Influenza vaccine production sites of the IFPMA IVS member manufacturers are located in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Korea, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Chinese Taipei, United Kingdom, and the United States.



of influenza vaccine producers are our members


countries where our influenza vaccine manufacturers are found


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