Global health challenges

Universal health coverage

Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is an integral target of the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and core to reducing health inequalities and eliminating poverty.

Our industry is a supporter of UHC, a powerful global health priority that has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people by bringing life-saving healthcare to those who need it most and supporting more inclusive economic growth and social development.

The research-based biopharmaceutical industry supports efforts to achieve UHC and has adopted a set of policy principles for the design and implementation of UHC strategies. In the run-up to the adoption of the SDGs, we also released an infographic which illustrates just a handful of the many initiatives we as an industry have undertaking, which put our joint UHC principles into practice – applying our technical expertise, experience and resources to assist countries in their journeys towards UHC.



The overarching theme in all of these initiatives is collaboration: most initiatives are cross-cutting and multi-faceted in nature, reflecting the need for an integrated, comprehensive approach in moving towards UHC.

150 million people worldwide

face catastrophic healthcare costs because of direct payments such as user fees

32% of total

global health expenditure in 2013 came from out-of-pocket (OOP) payments

83 countries

still do not have enough health professionals to create an adequate health workforce

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