Technology transfer: A collaborative approach to improve global health
IFPMA announces Amgen as new member company
IFPMA companies undertaking 100+ R&D projects for diseases of the developing world
Mr. David Brennan of AstraZeneca elected president of IFPMA
WIPO standing committee on the law of patents
Research-based pharmaceutical industry aid to Pakistan amounts to more than USD 3.3 million
IFPMA President calls on industry to continue MDG contributions beyond 2015
Maternal health MDG to WHO South East Asia region meeting
IFPMA study shows low overall seasonal influenza vaccine distribution, despite recent growth
Voluntary licenses and non-assert declarations
IFPMA & WADA to cooperate in the fight against doping in sport
Improving responses to future influenza pandemics
UN General Assembly informed of R&D pharmaceutical industry’s substantial contributions to millennium development goals
New industry position requires submission for journal publication of all phase III clinical trials
World Health Assembly on millennium development goals
World Health Assembly on counterfeits
World Health Assembly on pandemic influenza preparedness
IFPMA launches ten principles on counterfeit medicines
Launch of IFPMA developing world health partnerships directory 2010
WHO Executive Board on pandemic preparedness
Haiti: research-based pharmaceutical industry emergency aid exceeds USD 16.9 million
Problems using the defined daily dose (DDD) as statistical basis for drug pricing and reimbursement (2007)
Adaptive innovation, intellectual property and public interest
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