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The Joint IFRC-IFPMA Reception on the occasion of the 67th World Health Assembly
Bringing psoriasis into light
Health at your fingertips
IFPMA joins ITU and WHO in Be He@lthy, Be Mobile mHealth initiative to reduce the impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
EB 133, Item 6.2, Psoriasis
WHA 66 agenda item 13.2 on draft action plan for the prevention and control
A vibrant pipeline for unmet medical needs
Addressing the gaps in global policy and research for non-communicable diseases
R&D-based pharmaceutical industry and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies join forces to prevent NCDs
Introduction - Mario Ottiglio, director, public affairs and global health policy, IFPMA
Putting NCDs into focus
IFPMA Framework for Action on NCDs
A shared commitment to improving global health
Health by the Numbers shows the research-based pharmaceutical industry ‘walks the talk’ on health promotion
The New Frontiers of Biopharmaceutical Innovation
Health by the numbers: results of the 2011 IFPMA wellness survey
Global pharmaceutical industry contributes action plan and research to fighting NCDs in the developing world
Research-based pharmaceutical industry launches collaborative framework to tackle NCDs
Research-based pharmaceutical industry welcomes WHA outcome on vaccines, fake medicines and NCDs
WHA 64, Item 13.12, Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases
Russians evidently overestimate their state of health as good and fair
Woman & child health partnerships for the developing world
Improving access to medicines for non-communicable diseases in the developing world
WHPA health improvement card
A shared commitment to fight non-communicable disease
Population attitude to personal health: perception of health, understanding of risk factors, morbidity and mortality

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