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IFPMA launches new policy principles and report on Rare Disease Day 2017 to benefit patients, healthcare and society
Thomas Cueni takes helm of IFPMA as Director General
IFPMA and the IAEA through its Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) join forces to make a difference in comprehensive cancer control
Global Biopharmaceutical Industry Takes Action to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Present Industry Roadmap to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance
World cancer day: R&D pharmaceutical industry partnerships to enhance access to cancer care
Partnership to improve prevention of women’s cancers and quality of cancer registries in LAC reaches 1 year milestone
Global pharmaceutical associations welcome MEDICRIME convention, landmark tool to curb global medicines counterfeiting
IFPMA welcomes seven new members
Release on the Lancet commission on health and climate change report
WHA 68, Item 17.3, Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medical products
Research-based pharmaceutical companies are contributing to emergency aid efforts for Nepal
Pour une approche intégrée contre les faux médicaments
New research-based pharmaceutical industry report provides insights on how to slow down antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and boost antibiotic R&D
L’Afrique a besoin de systèmes réglementaires plus efficaces afin d’améliorer l’accès aux médicaments
IFPMA pharma’s commitment to global vaccine action plan and to ‘closing the immunization gap’
New study reveals how the essential medicines list operates
Publication Launch - New study to change how people perceive pharma: from cost driver to economy booster
Open letter to G7 Heads of State on neglected tropical diseases
Pharmaceutical industry makes progress in cutting-edge R&D for neglected diseases
WADA: Second international pharmaceutical conference addresses doping in sport
Stefan Oschmann elected new President of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)
PPP launched to improve prevention of women’s cancers and quality of cancer registries in Latin America and the Caribbean
IFPMA supports world hepatitis day 2014
Malaysian airlines 17: IFPMA offers condolences and extends profound sympathy to HIV community
Fight the fakes campaign gains momentum as eleven new partners join global movement
Stop “Silent epidemic”: Research-based pharmaceutical industry report supports comprehensive approach to viral hepatitis
'4 Healthy Habits': mobilizing volunteers to help fight noncommunicable diseases
The World Health Assembly resolution on psoriasis represents a milestone for campaigners.
Partnership in Fighting Non-Communicable Diseases
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