Health for All – Our Collaborations Supporting the SDGs

2020 marks the 10-year count down to the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). The innovative biopharmaceutical industry recognizes that to achieve these goals and address today’s biggest health challenges, new and innovative collaborations are needed.

Our collaborations help to increase care and access to diagnosis, treatment and vaccines for more people across the world. We use a diversity of holistic approaches, from R&D to community awareness and health promotion, and embed gains in local healthcare systems to help local governments meet community needs and build long-term capacity.

We collaborate with over 1200 diverse, cross-sector partners to develop comprehensive, global health programs, from local NGOs to private sector partners. We work with over other industries to find new delivery solutions and accelerate the adoption of novel technologies. We are working with over 490 other private sector partners.

We are collaborating with 1200

diverse, cross-sector partners


cross-sector collaborations across the globe

We are collaborating with 490

other private sector partners

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