Statement 27 May 2022

IFPMA and BIO Statement on Influenza Preparedness for WHA75 agenda item 17.1


The WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) celebrates this year its 70th anniversary, marking decades of successful information sharing and collaboration for influenza surveillance, preparedness and response. Its expansion to GISRS+ to include other respiratory pathogens must ensure that influenza surveillance is not deprioritized nor negatively impacted.

With regards the EB150 request for the Secretariat to continue reporting on influenza virus-sharing trends, and propose solutions to address any disruptions in virus-sharing, industry would like to request WHO and Member States that the options already being explored do truly and effectively aim at addressing the current and future seasonal virus sharing challenges, and do not unintentionally impose barriers to the development and manufacturing of seasonal influenza vaccines.

The biopharmaceutical industry remains a committed partner in effectively improving influenza seasonal and pandemic preparedness and response, and looks forward to further progress on this area.


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