Code of Practice complaint submission

We welcome submissions from any healthcare professional, a company or member of the public, acting in good faith within the spirit and intentions of the IFPMA Code of Practice.

Submission guidance

In case of an alleged breach of the IFPMA Code, a complaint can be either filed online, sent by e-mail, or mailed to the IFPMA Secretariat. Please submit each complaint separately (one submission per complaint). For more information on what a complaint submission should include click here.

If a complaint received is not covered by the IFPMA Code Operating Procedure, the complaint will be redirected to the company or/and association concerned. For more information about the operating procedure for complaints regarding the IFPMA Code of Practice, click here.


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    Personal details

    Details of the breach

    Please provide information on the alleged breach. If possible, please include a specific reference to the portion of the IFPMA Code of Practice which the complaint pertains to (section and paragraph number(s)).

    Supporting evidence

    Reference material to upload (PDF only, maximum 128MB).

    What to include in a complaint submission

    • Complainant details

      Should include the identity of a complainant, with a full mailing address (including e-mail, if possible) for correspondence. A complainant may request that their identity is kept confidential to all parties outside the IFPMA secretariat.

    • Company

      Concerns the identity of a company alleged to have breached the IFPMA Code, and the name of any product or products which are specifically involved.

    • Reference material

      Concerns a specific reference to the source of an advertisement/activity which is the subject of a complaint. This may be in the form of printed material or other evidence. Wherever possible, a copy of the material in question should be provided.

    • Date

      Should include the date of the alleged breach of the IFPMA Code, where relevant.

    • Summary

      Should include a brief description of the complaint and details of the geographic location of the alleged activities. If possible, a specific reference to the part of the IFPMA Code breached (section and paragraph number(s)) should also be included.