Press release 10 February 2017

IFPMA launches its 2017 facts & figures report

Press release

Geneva, 10 February 2017 – IFPMA has just published its 2017 facts & figures report containing a wealth of data and trends on biopharmaceutical innovation, global health, and the economic footprint of the industry.

The Report provides an overview of our R&D pipeline, with 56 new medicinal products launched in 2015, more than 7,000 compounds in development, and R&D investments of 149.8 billion USD per year. The Report also discussed industry’s contribution to global health and efforts to promote R&D for diseases that mostly affect resource-limited settings.

Moreover, the Report demonstrates the economic footprint of the research-based pharmaceutical industry, from its workforce of over 2 million people, to trade data, examples of transfer of technology, and insights on the pharmaceutical market.”

“Our industry continued to grow around the globe in 2016,” said IFPMA Director General Thomas Cueni. “Measuring our contribution to global health is an important yearly exercise. It underscores our commitment to doing more for patients worldwide while adapting our vibrant innovation ecosystem to meet both existing and new health challenges. But the societal benefit goes even further by creating ever more jobs, growth, and economic stability.”

The Report is available as a printed publication and a PDF. You can also access the PharmaByNumbers virtual site and the related infographic.




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