Statement 13 April 2022

IFPMA statement at public hearings regarding a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response


The biopharmaceutical industry is committed to working with stakeholders to improve pandemic preparedness for the future and to ensure equitable access to medical countermeasures.

Any system should be built on what worked well during the COVID-19 pandemic with robust IP frameworks enabling collaborations, as well as immediate sharing of pathogens.

As the INB enters deeper discussions on a new instrument we believe these should be informed by a few core principles:

  1. The negotiation process should be inclusive and transparent, involving private sector and all critical contributors to PPR efforts
  2. In the spirit of subsidiarity, tasks and decision-making processes which are more efficiently performed nationally or regionally should remain at these levels.
  3. We call for clarity on roles and expectations, improving forecast and reducing unnecessary red tape
  4. Any new system should be complementary to existing instruments and include clarifications on how it relates to other existing frameworks
  5. Any system should allow for immediate open access of pathogens and genetic sequence data and correct the negative effects of access and benefit-sharing legislation.
  6. Promote equitable access to diagnostics, treatments and vaccines based on medical need, enhancing solidarity and facilitating emergency financing to institutions procuring for developing countries like COVAX.
  7. Supply chains should be protected from arbitrary export restrictions and other trade barriers
  8. The system should build on the private sector’s strengths for R&D, manufacturing and distribution, and overall support innovation


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