Statement 19 January 2021

IFPMA Statement for EB148 agenda item 14.1 Covid-19 Response


We share the deep sense of responsibility that together we have to end this pandemic and are proud to be a founding member of the ACT A. We are keenly aware that science and innovation are only part of the equation. As part of our responsibility towards society, we must also ensure equitable global access to safe, high quality, effective, and affordable COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics. The biopharmaceutical industry has shown its openness to new approaches and numerous collaborations with all stakeholders to respond to the urgent needs of the pandemic. This, however, should not come at the cost of diluting quality and safety of vaccines and medicines, nor should it impact key incentives that foster innovation, namely intellectual property rights. The existing IP framework has enabled the pharmaceutical industry to respond swiftly to the global crisis and develop several new vaccines with remarkable speed, by engaging in new collaborations to leverage both new approaches and existing molecules. This scientific excellence would not have been possible without the important incentives such as those provided by IP rights. Indeed, our expertise and risk-taking ability has allowed us to roll out several new vaccines in less than a year.

Mr. Chair, we remain committed to continue “walking the talk”. We invite you to visit our dedicated website for additional information, including an extensive list of industry commitments, contributions and collaborations in responding to this pandemic.



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