Statement 25 May 2018

IFPMA Statement: @WHA71 Item 12.7 – Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework for the sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits


25 May 2018

Statement delivered by Paula Barbosa, IFPMA, Manager, Vaccines Policy


Mr Chairman,

IFPMA and its member companies would like to confirm our continued collaboration in the context of pandemic preparedness and response efforts. Through the PIP Framework, influenza vaccine and antiviral manufacturers have helped the WHO secure 405 million doses of influenza vaccine and 10 million doses of antivirals to be used in the event of an influenza pandemic. IFPMA member companies have also contributed most of the US$142 million voluntary donations collected by March 2018, by the WHO PIP Framework.

In line with the WHO draft thirteenth General Programme of Work, IFPMA particularly welcomes WHO efforts to measure impact and improve partnerships, communications, accountability and financing, to resource the strategic priorities as well as foster cultural changes to ensure a seamless, high-performing WHO.

IFPMA remains committed partners in helping WHO achieve their public health objectives, and in this case, ensuring that the world is better prepared to respond to the next influenza pandemic.

Thank you.


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