Africa Young Innovators for Health Award

The "Africa Young Innovators for Health Award" supports young African entrepreneurs working on innovative solutions, for healthcare workers, reach their full potential by providing them with financial, social and human capital support

Africa is the continent that has the youngest and fastest-growing population on the planet. 22 per cent of Africa’s working-age population are starting businesses – the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world. Youth populations offer the potential of rapid social and economic transformation, but they need a favorable ecosystem that supports and empowers them. At the same time, Africa needs to build sustainable health systems and one effective way to do this is through collaborations with its private sector. Boosting the entrepreneurial power of Africa’s young people will contribute to providing local solutions to local problems.

This Award provides mentorship, financial support, visibility and support with intellectual property protection of young African entrepreneurs’ healthcare innovation.

For its first edition, the Award will focus on supporting innovations that can make a real difference to healthcare workers. Healthcare workers are the critical backbone of well-functioning healthcare systems. No other category of worker is as essential to the well-being of the population of every nation.


By 2050 Africa’s youth population (aged between 0 and 24 years old) will increase by nearly 50 percent, which can be an incredible opportunity for rapid social and economic transformation. According to the African Development Bank, 22 percent of Africa’s working age population are starting businesses. This is the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world. Yet increasingly more investment in human capital is needed for this demographic potential to reap the development rewards it should do.

The Africa Young Innovators For Health Award is an investment in the human capital of Africa’s promising young entrepreneurs. The Award provides financial and in kind support to three winners of the Award so they can advance their healthcare solutions and develop their great potential as enablers of change.

The COVID 19 pandemic has amplified our awareness of the critical role doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and community care workers play. Not only in providing essential services that treat and prevent diseases, but also in promoting health, and delivering healthcare services to individuals, families and communities. No other category of worker is so essential to the well being of the population of every nation. The shortage of human and financial resources across the continent put a strain on healthcare workers and the healthcare system. New solutions can be found and young African entrepreneurs are the best placed to find them.

The 2021 edition of the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award focuses on supporting innovations that can make a difference to healthcare workers. This year’s Award program will be looking for and supporting innovative healthcare solutions aimed at supporting and equipping healthcare workers through solutions such as training programs, providing protective equipment or improving the quality of healthcare.

Are you developing the next game-changing health innovation?

Applications open from 11 January 2021

Award winners will receive:

Financial Support worth a total of $75,000

First Award of $40,000 – Second Award of $20,000 – Third Award of USD $15,000

A 3-month Business Mentorship program from leading entrepreneurs

Technical support with Intellectual Property protection, if relevant

Gain exposure and recognition from global healthcare leaders and the public


Financial Support


Business Mentorship Program and Technical Support


Exposure and Visibility

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