James leads IFPMA’s work spanning global health, including the innovative pharmaceutical industry’s policy on pandemic preparedness, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and global access to medicines and vaccines.

In his previous role as Head of Corporate Government Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), James was responsible for GSK’s strategic engagement with the UK Government. He also held positions in Government Affairs and Commercial at European and global levels and led their strategy and engagement on AMR.

He was in the founding team of the AMR Action Fund and led the development of the 2016 Davos Declaration on AMR and the subsequent United Nations General Assembly Industry AMR Roadmap. He has advised on AMR policy development at the WHO, UN, EU Commission, and with national governments.

James is Chair of the AMR Industry Alliance Board and Chair of the INTREPID Alliance Board. He has also served as the Vice-Chair of Health at Business at the OECD, and as a member of the UK Life Science Strategy Board.

He has an MBA in Business from Harvard Business School as well as a Masters in Natural Sciences-Molecular and Genetic Pathology from Cambridge University.

I believe that progress requires great science, trust-based conversations, and real commitment to action.