Global Health Matters

Do You Mind?

Global Health Matters
10th October 2013
By Mario Ottiglio

Last May the WHO launched its Global Action Plan on Mental Health. This plan captures years of hard work and offers a clear road map to tackle a global health priority. Mental and neurological disorders—MNDs—go too often silent and yet exert a paramount toll on individuals, societies, and the economy. The plan also gives the possibility for the international community to come together and work around concrete projects to address critical gaps such as information and understanding of MNDs.

Better awareness can help overcome stigma, including self stigma. Work towards these objectives is the purpose of our own recently-launched initiative called DoYouMind?. DoYouMind? is an interactive campaign where people can explore how different stakeholders—a policymaker, a researcher, a patient, or a relative of someone with an MND—can play his or her part in addressing these disorders.

The campaign’s interactive questions and animations show the role that different parts of society can play to collectively fight brain disorders and improve mental health. Addressing MNDs requires commitment of everyone. The bio-psychosocial factors responsible for MNDs cause us to think—and act—in collaboration. We look forward to galvanizing support, awareness, and action from different stakeholders to identify solutions that improve the health of people globally. A good place to start is