Launched in 2014, the international Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration is the only global platform of its kind, routinely convening global health bodies in a common cause.

Consensus Frameworks have been adopted at international and national levels. IFPMA member associations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, and New Zealand, among others, are directly participating or have actively supported the formation of a Consensus Framework. They convene with hundreds of diverse health stakeholders.

IFPMA is a founding member of the international Consensus Framework, together with the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations, International Council of Nurses, International Pharmacists Federation, and the World Medical Association. The International Hospital Federation joined in 2020.

Overarching principles

Put patients first

Support ethical research and innovation

Ensure independence and ethical conduct

Promote transparency and accountability

Why consensus frameworks?

Upholding high-standard ethical business practices and sustaining patient trust is of utmost importance to health systems, especially for SMEs in health-related sectors.

Consensus Frameworks bring together patients’ organizations, industry associations, healthcare professionals, health regulators, civil society, and academic institutions, among others.

All partners have a mutual interest in making sure that the relationship between patients, healthcare professionals, the pharmaceutical sector, and their organizations is based on ethical and responsible decision making.

The Business Ethics for APEC SMEs initiative

The world’s largest public-private partnership to strengthen ethical business practices in the innovative pharmaceutical sector.

Report 29 January 2014

Consensus framework for ethical collaboration

A Consensus Framework established for ethical collaboration between patients’ organisations, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry, in support of high quality patient care. This Consensus Framework and the accompanying resources are intended to serve as a toolkit for those associations, groups and alliances who wish to develop their own policies. It neither aims to be...

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The benefits of Consensus Frameworks

Hundreds of medical device and biopharmaceutical industry associations, healthcare professional and hospital groups, patient organizations, health regulators, and other stakeholders across nearly a dozen APEC member economies are committed to heightening collaboration on ethical business conduct through Consensus Frameworks.