HYPER offers transformative learning experiences that build young innovative pharmaceutical industry professionals’ capacity to lead change in public health and sustainability by increasing their exposure to and understanding of global health issues.

Launched in 2020, HYPER leverages and reinforces a culture of networking, enabling young professionals to share their stories and learn from each other.


Empower young people in the industry

By increasing their exposure to and understanding of global health issues.

Reinforce a culture of networking

Enabling young people in the industry to share their stories and learn from each other.

Encourage understanding and dialogue

Grow awareness of the industry’s contribution to global health to support industry’s youth dialogue with their peers.

Mentorships can - and should be - a mutually beneficial exchange of skills and advice, but only if each side recognises the other's unique experiences and perspectives.

Daniel Corredera Nadal

Policy Analyst, Johnson & Johnson

We need to work together to enable a paradigm shift from shallow to precision medicine, ensuring that treatments and diagnostic tools include all patients, regardless of gender and ethnicity, to give access to the best possible care.

Frances-Catherine Quevenco

Executive Committee member, Women's Brain Project

To me, intergenerational solidarity is humanizing support and consistent engagement with young professionals. Having conversations with colleagues can bridge generational gaps and increase empathy in understanding one another. As a young professional, exchanges like this make me feel more comfortable and confident as a member of any team or community.

Ramata Franklin

Africa Engagement intern, IFPMA

A key priority for progress in diabetes care is characterized by reliable & sustainable access to lifesaving diabetic medicines, patient engagement and sustained advocacy for healthy lifestyles. Diabetes care is a continuum and we have to go full spectrum, for prevention, diagnosis, management and patient support.

Dr Odhiambo David

Regulatory Affairs Associate, Novartis


HYPER’s program to date is rich and varied.

It has offered a webinar on enabling young talent to reflect on best practice in a hybrid work environment during COVID-19 and a series on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, in clinical trials, and more.

Young industry professionals have worked with IFPMA experts to create opinion pieces on health issues such as global diabetes care, ways of overcoming the global AMR burden, and immunizing young adults.


HYPER has partnered with organizations such as the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, the International Federation of Medical Students Associations, universities based in Geneva, Think Young, and the European Health Parliament.


HYPER publishes articles and thought leadership pieces on anything from digital health to diversity, equity, and inclusion, often in partnership with other youth organizations, to reflect the group’s views on topical issues.

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Follow HYPER on LinkedIn to connect and engage with our community of likeminded young healthcare professionals.

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Infographic 2 May 2022

Brochure | HYPER Healthcare: Youth Perspectives. Empowered

This brochure outlines its main objectives and pillars of work. If you are interested in joining HYPER or learning more, please contact Luca Deplano, Associate Manager, Innovation Policy.

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HYPER welcomes inquiries from all young leaders and future decision-makers in the innovative pharmaceutical industry. Join HYPER and unleash your potential to discover innovative solutions to global health challenges.