Pat-INFORMED features patent information for small molecule drugs for oncology, hepatitis C, cardiovascular, HIV, diabetes, and respiratory therapy areas, as well as any products on the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML) that are not within these therapy areas.

In a second phase, the initiative will extend to all therapeutic areas and explore the inclusion of complex therapeutics.


individual patents information are housed by Pat-INFORMED, for 600 patent families


INNs have information housed by Pat-INFORMED to date


the amount Pat-INFORMED has the potential to reduce medicine procurement timelines for low- and middle-income countries

A private-public partnership between WIPO and the innovative pharmaceutical industry, Pat-INFORMED is a practical step in helping to reduce the complexity surrounding patent information and make it easier for procurement experts to search the patent status of medicines.

Pat-INFORMED also provides a facility for procurement agencies to make follow-up inquiries directly with participating companies.

So far, Pat-INFORMED houses information on over 14,000 individual patents for 600 patent families and 169 International Non-proprietary Names (INNs) that are globally recognized and used to identify pharmaceutical substances or active pharmaceutical ingredients within medicines that cover a wide range of conditions.

As a public-private partnership focusing on access to key patent information, Pat-INFORMED will facilitate the procurement of important medicines and thereby support better health outcomes for people across the globe. Such partnerships are critical to success in the field of public health.

Francis Gurry

Director General, WIPO

Pat-INFORMED is a practical way of reducing the complexity around access to patent information, something health experts have long been calling for

Thomas Cueni

Director General, IFPMA

National patent offices are the primary resource of information regarding patents, but Pat-INFORMED is specifically designed to provide such information to health agencies and others who need it.

Ms Alicja Adamczak, President

Patent Office of the Republic of Poland 

Developing countries use international procurement to purchase medicines for their national healthcare systems. Our goal is to purchase the best quality medicines at the most affordable prices and knowing the patent status of a particular product is important information that Pat-INFORMED will help us identify.

Issake Sondé

Directeur Exécutif, Association Africaine des Centrales d’Achats de Médicaments Essentiels 

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