Immunization coverage against flu around the globe is far below what it needs to be. The evidence-based messages created by Together Against Flu offer powerful support to health stakeholders, patient and advocacy organizations, opinion leaders and decision-makers advocating to prevent and control seasonal flu.

Together Against Flu is an IFPMA initiative involving stakeholders who have joined forces to develop a common basis for a network communication strategy around vaccinating against flu.

The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to be vaccinated each year. Flu vaccines are safe and effective. Adverse effects are generally localized, mild, and far less common than any complications from flu itself.

Together Against Flu stakeholders include patient groups and healthcare professionals such as pharmacists and nurses who play a vital role in sharing messages within their communities.

3 to 5

million cases of severe influenza worldwide each year


respiratory deaths every year linked to the flu

70 years

of influenza prevention through vaccination

Campaign objectives

Since 2020, we have focused on increasing the impact of the initiative and building meaningful alliances.

We take a network approach to reaching healthcare workers, older adults, and patients living with chronic conditions such as respiratory and heart diseases. This involves every member of the Together Against Flu alliance spreading impactful messages to its audience via social media.

The messages we produce – in the form of newsletters, social media toolkits, shareable images, documents, and videos – are evidence-based and targeted at different stakeholders, opinion leaders, and decision-makers. They allow key stakeholders to advocate for implementing existing recommendations to prevent and control seasonal flu.

Increase awareness of the severe complications of flu and prevent instances of infection and the consequent burden on health systems and society by increasing vaccination rates.

Promote awareness of our responsibility to protect those at risk such older adults and people with respiratory and heart diseases against influenza.

Promote awareness of our responsibility to protect those at risk such older adults and people with respiratory and heart diseases against influenza.

The impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of protecting the most vulnerable people in our societies, particularly older adults, and those with underlying medical conditions.

Together Against Flu launched in 2020 to encourage people at a higher risk of developing complications from flu to be vaccinated. The aim was and is to reduce the burden on healthcare systems in challenging times.

We know that vaccination is the best way to stay protected against the flu. This is especially true for vulnerable groups.

Paula Barbosa

Associate Director, Vaccine Policy


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