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Never Stop Advancing – Incremental Innovation

8 July 2013
  • Andrew Jenner

What do we really mean when we say “incremental innovation”? Are we really just talking about minor changes to already existing medicines?

Looking at the many positive things that incremental innovation – a continuous, lengthy, step-by-step research process – has meant for patients, the answer is a clear NO.

Incremental innovation is a complicated process that requires spending time and resources on more research and development, in order to discover new uses for existing treatments, improve dosing options, and make a broader range of medicines available to patients.

Like all R&D, incremental advances need to be supported by an environment which enables innovation to thrive, including support by IP systems that work.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that always safer and more effective medicines are delivered to patients.

The new IFPMA video “Never stop advancing – Incremental innovation” will walk you through the actual value of this biopharmaceutical innovation, we very much hope you will enjoy!


  • Andrew Jenner