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Support Fight the Fakes on Thunderclap!

25 March 2014
  • Mario Ottiglio

In a month we will celebrate “World Malaria Day” (25 April)! The Fight the Fakes campaign would like to mark the progress made in the control and elimination of malaria with a ringing Thunderclap!

Malaria is a disease that can be prevented, diagnosed and treated when using the right medicines. The past decade has seen an impressive mobilization of resources and political will to reduce worldwide suffering from this sickness:

50 COUNTRIES are on track to reduce malaria cases by 75% in 2015!

The strides achieved so far have in large part rested on raising awareness and community-level actions to provide treatment and nets for prevention.

Let’s keep fake medicines from undermining these efforts!

Fact: 30% of the drugs used to treat malaria worldwide are fake medicines.

So what does this mean for you and me? When pills of chalk, salt or even poisons are given in the place of lifesaving medicines, the consequences are devastating for individuals and their communities.

Fact: Every 5 minutes a child dies of malaria because of taking fake medicines.

Please join us in adding to the awareness by letting the people know about the dangers of fake medicines. It only takes a minute to sign up and support our Thunderclap!


  • Mario Ottiglio