Statement 6 June 2023

G20 side event on “Envisaging a Global R&D Network for Research in Vaccines, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics (VTDs) to enhance Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (PPR)”


On 6 June, IFPMA delivered a statement at the G20 “Strengthening Global Collaboration on Research and Development in MCMs (Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Therapeutics” side event on “Envisaging a Global R&D Network for Research in VTDs to enhance PPR” at the G20 3rd Health Working Group Meeting in Hyderabad.

First, we would like to be clear that we have not been meaningfully engaged in this work and thus can only provide our preliminary reactions at this time.

A multistakeholder structure is the only viable solution for effective PPR. The private sector, including the innovative pharmaceutical industry, is a critical partner and must have a seat at the table.

The system should build on the private sector’s strengths for innovative R&D, quick manufacturing scale up, and global supply chain management. Concepts discussed at the G20 should enable and not hinder the private sector’s ability to fulfill its unique and valuable role.

During COVID-19, effective voluntary partnerships spanning the globe accelerated R&D and manufacturing for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics. More than 330 partnerships – public-private, private-private, private-academic, and others – bolstered manufacturing capacity, facilitated technology and knowledge transfer, and drove historically rapid R&D.

R&D and all other relevant processes, platforms, concepts, and networks should be driven by a goal and strategy to achieve equitable and effective access.

Industry wholeheartedly supports the aim of equitable access to its products and published the Berlin Declaration last summer, proposing what we can do and where we need to work with other stakeholders to improve equity in the future. The best VTDs won’t work if people don’t receive them.

We encourage the G20 to shift focus towards constructive, inclusive, and concrete actions to enable more equitable access through strengthening health systems, particularly in lower-income countries so they are better prepared to absorb and deliver VTDs.

We urge the G20 to acknowledge and preserve what worked well during COVID-19, including public-private partnerships, build upon the strong IP-based innovation ecosystem, and improve equitable rollout of vaccines, treatments, and tests.


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