Press release 12 July 2023

Global biopharmaceutical trade body announces new CEO leadership team

Press release

CEOs from Pfizer, Roche, and Daiichi Sankyo take up roles on IFPMA CEO leadership team

The global biopharmaceutical industry trade body, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), has announced a new line up for their CEO leadership team for the coming two years.

The CEOs who will provide strategic guidance to the organization include Albert Bourla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer, who has been announced as the new President of IFPMA and will serve as the Chair of the IFPMA CEO Steering Committee. He will be joined by Vice-President Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche, who will serve alongside existing Vice-President, Sunao Manabe, Executive Chairperson and CEO of Daiichi Sankyo.

Albert Bourla, currently Vice-President of IFPMA, assumes the role from Jean-Christophe Tellier, CEO and Chairman of UCB, who has been in post since January 2021.

The CEO leadership team brings a wide international experience and a deep understanding of the needs of patients and healthcare systems around the world, as well as a continued commitment to ensuring equitable access to medicines and vaccines.

Commenting on his appointment, IFPMA President Albert Bourla said:

“I’m honored to have been appointed as the new President of IFPMA and excited to take on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. On behalf of the new CEO Leadership Team, I would like to thank JC Tellier for his service as IFPMA President. I look forward to building on his legacy. 

“Today, our industry is delivering scientific breakthroughs with the potential to address some of the biggest global health challenges. As we stand on the cusp of a new era in scientific innovation, it has never been more important to harness the power of our partnerships across all health stakeholders so patients around the world can benefit from the next generation of medicines and vaccines.” 

Welcoming the new CEO leadership team appointment, IFPMA Director General Thomas Cueni said:

“I look forward to working together with the new CEO Leadership Team to ensure that the innovative pharmaceutical industry is a partner in delivering solutions to the global health challenges we face.

“The breadth of experience they bring will be invaluable to the IFPMA as we continue to deliver on our priorities on behalf of our members.

“I would also like to thank JC Tellier for his guidance as our President during a time where we saw our industry respond at unprecedented speed and scale to the biggest global health emergency in a century.”

Commenting on his past tenure as IFPMA President, Jean-Christophe Tellier said:

“As President of IFPMA, I was proud to see the way in which our industry responded to the COVID pandemic. We now find ourselves at a critical juncture where we must continue to show the power of innovation to drive global health progress.

“By continuing to take a collaborative approach with governments and partners, we can transform the lives of patients and communities around the world. I am confident that, under the new CEO leadership team, the IFPMA will continue to drive this agenda forward.”


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