Press release 25 September 2012

Health by the Numbers shows the research-based pharmaceutical industry ‘walks the talk’ on health promotion

Press release


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  • Workplace wellness programs can be effective win-wins for employees and companies
  • Report shows that pharmaceutical companies drive initiatives that boost health through disease prevention and management, reaching over 1.1 million employees worldwide

IFPMA released Health by the Numbers, a report detailing the 2011 results of the IFPMA Wellness Survey. Through this assessment, IFPMA sought to document the extent to which member companies engage in wellness programs, their scopes, and contributions to employees‟ well-being.

The report also considers the role of workplace wellness programs in addressing non- communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs account for 80% of worldwide deaths and can be reduced through changes to lifestyle behaviors.

“Our companies have long recognized that improving employees‟ health is a win-win: employees live longer, healthier lives and companies perform better,” said Eduardo Pisani, IFPMA Director General. “IFPMA companies drive health initiatives that extend beyond the workplace. As most people spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, these wellness programs are worthwhile, long-term endeavors.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on the private sector to promote and support healthy workplaces. 1 Health by the Numbers demonstrates how the 20 responding member companies have transformed the workplace into platforms for healthy living, and includes the following key findings:

  • 85% focus on preventing or managing NCDs
  • 65% were established before 2005
  • 85% offer smoking-cessation support
  • 50% focus on mental health prevention or support
  • 70% conduct impact assessments

Geneva, 25 September 2012


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