Statement 20 January 2015

IFPMA statement in support of 2015 Gavi replenishment


Geneva, 22 January 2015. On the occasion of the 2nd Gavi Replenishment meeting, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and & Associations (IFPMA) and its member companies stand committed to support the Decade of Vaccines Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) and its key goals. Vaccines are recognized as one of the most cost-effective health interventions, with potential for substantive, positive impact on health, productivity, and well-being across the globe. IFPMA member companies are proud of their role to help support strong immunization programs through ensuring sustainable research and development, manufacturing, and availability of high-quality vaccines. Vaccines prevent 3 million deaths each year from diarrhea, pneumonia, cervical cancer, and many more childhood illnesses around the world. Vaccines ensure people live healthy and productive lives. To secure the benefits of immunization, the commitment of countries and partners to resource and deliver effective vaccination programs is critical. A new IFPMA report provides an overview of the collective effort and contribution of the research-based manufacturer to the GVAP. It shows how research-based manufacturers are innovating beyond the traditional research and development model by working with partners to optimize production to meet growing demand, improving the supply chain to reach people in remote areas, and supporting strong national commitment to immunization. Gavi and its partners have worked tirelessly to accelerate the equitable uptake and coverage of vaccines in lower income countries. IFPMA and its members are committed to supporting Gavi and other partners to help reach nearly 20 million children not yet receiving the vaccines they need. Through the Gavi 2016-2020 Strategy and the GVAP there is a unique and important role for every partner to play. Achieving the above goals requires an enabling environment that is conducive to technological innovation. Such an environment provides adequate regulatory and investment policies, while facilitating access through ensuring demand predictability, volume commitments, and uptake of a broad range of vaccines. Access is determined by a complex interaction of factors and integrated solutions are needed to alleviate any remaining barriers. IFPMA and its members encourage the pursuit of a progressive transition from Gavi support towards fully self-sufficient, country adapted and evidenced-based immunization programs for countries’ populations. Such a move is in line with the GVAP and the Sustainable Development Goals, where disease prevention is a key objective. Sustainable vaccination programs should be built upon the unique needs of the country – including its immunization system maturity, economic situation, political will and ability to measure the burden of disease and impact of vaccine introduction. While countries and partners seek to support self-sufficiency for national immunization programs, IFPMA member companies will continue to innovate in ways that serve the most needy populations. The researchbased vaccine manufacturers have a long track record of research and development for diseases disproportionately affecting the poorest, contributing to the eradication of polio, control of malaria, Associations dengue, and diarrheal diseases, and more recently to Ebola where every effort is being made to develop a vaccine at an unprecedented pace. Although many countries have made immunization a priority, more must be done to reach the 20% of children who are left unimmunized. Achieving broad immunization coverage, serving the millions of people who deserve an equal opportunity for a healthy life is a shared responsibility to be fulfilled through continued dialogue and partnerships. The research-based vaccine manufacturers’ role is to bring to life new solutions that help prevent the spread of disease. IFPMA and its members call upon Gavi and all relevant partners and countries to align their commitments with the GVAP objectives to help achieve sustainable availability and access to vaccines for all people, regardless of where they live.


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