Statement 11 October 2023

IFPMA statement on NCDs in emergencies at the 70th WHO EMRO Regional Committee



On 11 October 2023 in Cairo, Egypt at the WHO EMRO Regional Committee, IFPMA submitted a statement on addressing non-communicable diseases: a regional framework for action.

Thank you, Chair. Thank you, esteemed colleagues. The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) applauds the Eastern Mediterranean region on its dedication to accelerating action on non-communicable diseases (NCDs), particularly in the face of acute and protracted emergencies, including those happening as a backdrop to our discussions this week.

Recognizing the prevalence of NCDs in the region and the increased risk of NCD-related complications during emergencies, like we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly support the region’s draft resolution to establish a regional framework for action on NCDs in emergencies and embed NCDs within national emergency response plans.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is committed to working in partnership to accelerate action on NCDs and improve access to essential NCDs diagnostics, treatments, and care in emergencies and as part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) packages. IFPMA endorses the need to ensure health systems readiness and resilience by integrating NCD services at the primary healthcare level. Moreover, we appreciate the consideration given to tailoring an NCDs approach suitable for periods of stability, emergency response, and recovery.

As the global health community strives toward greater health security and health progress, we must consider the most vulnerable populations, including those in need of humanitarian assistance, to achieve health for all, by all. IFPMA commends the Eastern Mediterranean region for its continued commitment to people living with NCDs and mental health conditions. We strongly believe the private sector, including the innovative pharmaceutical industry, is a critical partner to bridge the NCDs care gap and find access solutions that contribute to better health outcomes for everyone, everywhere.


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