Press release 11 May 2010

Launch of IFPMA developing world health partnerships directory 2010


Industry Programs to improve Global Health increase to 213 

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) today published the latest edition of its “Developing World Health Partnerships Directory”. This resource, updated annually, documents the long-term public-private partnerships to improve health in developing countries which are supported by IFPMA member associations and companies*, almost all of which are on a philanthropic or not-for-profit basis.

During the course of the last year, the overall number of active programs undertaken IFPMA members increased by 11, with 23 new programs started and 12 completed. The disease area with the biggest growth was HIV/AIDS, with a net increase of 6 programs, while programs for Tropical Diseases increased by 3.

IFPMA Director General Eduardo Pisani said: “When the IFPMA first documented its members’ developing world health partnerships back in 2003, we counted a total of 36 active programs. In 2010, that total has risen to 213 and covers a broader range of diseases and health needs, including child and maternal health, chronic diseases and strengthening healthcare capacity in developing countries. Improving global health poses a huge challenge, which will require a concerted effort by both the public and private sectors, in developed and developing countries alike. As the Directory shows, the research-based pharmaceutical industry makes a very substantial contribution.”

The 2010 edition highlights growing activity by the R&D pharmaceutical industry in Japan, with four new Japanese company programs listed in the 2010 edition. The country hosting the most active programs remains Kenya, with a total of 49, up from 43 in 2009. Nine of the ten countries with the most programs are in sub-Saharan Africa. Outside Africa, the country with the most programs is India, with 45. In the Asia-Pacific region, China leads with 23 programs, while Brazil heads Latin America with 21. In the Mediterranean area, Egypt has 11 programs, as does Ukraine, which is the country with the most programs in Europe.

The IFPMA Developing World Health Partnerships Directory exists as a searchable interactive database, which can be accessed at, and as an electronic book in pdf format. The e-book is available via the IFPMA website, or on a CD-ROM, which is presented with a short brochure giving an overview of industry partnership programs in 2010.

Geneva, 11 May 2010


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